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Diagnostic Display for Battery Powered System

Diagnostic Display allows you to get some information about battery – autonomy and voltage -, Elife-Drive fault codes and to manage an hour counter to program the next maintenance operation.


    Display Battery Charge Status
    Battery level indication refresh every 10 s.
    It can be used with batteries from 24 up to 196 V
    Open drain lockout to prevent deep discharging of batteries
    Displays Elife-Drive Fault and Status Codes
    GB back-lighting, it gets red for alarm display.
    128 x 32 pixel alphanumeric Liquid Crystal Display
    IP66 environment frontal protection, IP20 rear protection
    Housing and front part are made of ABS, hole 52mm

Choose your Model:

 Diagnostic Display
Low Cost
Diagnostic Display
Display Battery Charge Status    
Maintenance Counter    
Battery Discharge Prevention    
Battery Voltage:From 18 to 120 VFrom 18 to 240 V
Number of Elife-Drive can be connected:1up to 2
Resolution:0.1 V0.01 V
CANopen® Communication  
Maintenance Counter  

pdf   Application Reference Manual

Relays For Vibration Environment

Elife Relays are designed specially for use in battery applications and to operate in a vibration environment.


    High capacity and conduction efficiency
    It can be directly driven by a PLC
   Design for Battery System
    Vibration-absorbing inner lining that protects the case.
    It can be supplied with both DC and AC voltage
    Very compact size 104x53x60 mm.

Choose your Model:

TypeSwitching CurrentSupply Input Voltage
(DC or AC effective voltage)
Nominal Operating Power
pdf  R-12V-90Aup to 90 A12 Vless than 2.5 W
pdf  R-12V-180Aup to 180 A12 Vless than 5 W
pdf  R-12V-400Aup to 400 A12 Vless than 2.5 W
pdf  R-IVR-90Aup to 90 AFrom 20 to 144 Vless than 2.5 W
pdf  R-IVR-180Aup to 180 AFrom 20 to 144 Vless than 5 W
pdf  R-IVR-400Aup to 400 AFrom 20 to 144 Vless than 2.5 W

Cables and Wiring

Elife International S.r.l offers a complete line of cables to meet the demanding of different requirements for many applications:

   Specific Cables to connect the FEEDBACK board on your drive

   Programming Cables and Communication Cables

   Different types of cable shielding


Our comprehensive range of services can provide you with everything you need.

  Further Technical Information

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