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  Wearable Electromedical Division

Elife International S.r.l.
has in its design staff Technicians and Engineers with long experience and skills,
necessary to operate in such a delicate sector as the one of Electromedical Devices.


The Device for Instrumental Assessment of Bruxism in SLEEP time and AWAKE time


Strengthened by our design structure and experience in microelectronics, we have deepened our research and knowledge of the medical device market.

Innovation is a magic word for us, and that is why during our experiments we were attracted by medical devices that could be improved.

With great luck in our path we met an exceptional doctor specialized in orthodontics, Dr. Lorenzo Noveri, a born researcher, who in turn was looking for a company that had followed up by realizing his insights in the study of problems on Bruxism.

As a result of this special meeting, Elife International S.r.l has made possible the birth of an innovative device for monitoring Bruxism, a small non-invasive and wearable device for up to 24 consecutive hours, thanks to these features it is now possible to record a Holter up to 24 hours and discover If, When, How and How much Bruxism affects us.

dia-BRUXO: the tool that helps the dentist to understand which curative action to apply and especially when.

Medical insights can be found at the following link https://www.dia-bruxo.it 


Regardless of whether you already have a precise idea of what you need or if you are still in the development phase,
Elife International S.r.l. is the ideal partner to develop your Medical Solution.