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Elife International S.r.l has a long and successful history in the development of automation controllers and electronic precision instruments.


The market demands and customer needs have played an important role in our business choices. Since the last decade we have focused our business on battery-powered systems, so we have poured our experience and knowledge in developing optimized solutions for battery-powered applications.

As a result of this market choice, Elife International S.r.l boasts long experience in the development motor controller solutions to drive medium and high power motors, used for different purposes: assembly and handling, traction and steering system.

Presently, for example, Brushless motors driven by our controllers are capable of carrying a payload up to 260 tons.

All the design choices are always based on achieving high-efficiency both in performance and energy consumption, in order to extend the battery life.

We can still offer our experience in the development of automation solutions for different industrial needs, focusing primarily on development of solutions for powered-battery system.
Many of our custom automation solutions are developed to meet the needs of our customers, ensuring con­fidentiality and project data security as a prerequisite for development.

We use our experience to offer solutions that fit your company’s specific needs.

                      Support in defining project requirements

                      Development of smart tecnology and in-line monitoring system

                      Use of the latest available technologies

                      Real-time transmission system

                      Development and Manufacturing of custom-built products

                      Protection of confidentiality

                      Post-sale Support

Regardless of whether you already have a precise idea of what you need or if you are still in the development phase, Elife International S.r.l is the ideal partner to develop your industrial solution.