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Elife International S.r.l is a microelectronics engineering company founded on March 6, 2000 in Portoferraio, located in the center of the Island of Elba, Italy.

After over thirty years of experience in the development of automation solutions for industrial manufacturing processes and in the development of electronic precision instruments, Elife International S.r.l was established to design and manufacture motor controllers and smart electronic control units (ECUs) for both Electric Vehicle (EVs) and Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGVs).


Elife International S.r.l has become in a few years a international reference point for our motor controller solutions based on automotive electronics standards and CANbus network protocols.

Thanks to our highly qualified staff who cover all aspects of our business – electronic and software engineering, mechanical and materials testing -, we’re able to fulfil the different customers’ design needs and demands.

The quality of our products are ensured by stringent inline quality control and exclusive use of the state-of-the-art electronic components, making us a ideal partner for all the companies that need high quality products and services.



Elife International S.r.l is a private research and development company, focused on innovation and development of specialized, high-quality electronic products.
The company organization is divided into areas, assigned to the department managers – Research & Development, Quality Control, Manufacture, Human Resource and Sale – directed at improving quality and enhancing customer loyalty.

In order to respond to customers’ demands, we can provide design and development support for medium-sized series of custom-built products.

Our design choices are based on customers needs, in order to ensure the highest quality and safety at the lowest cost possible.

Elife International S.r.l has acquired a leading position on the power control technology, thanks to our engineering staff with decades of experience in national and international contexts.

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