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Elife Fanless Battery Chargers

Elife Fanless Battery Chargers are characterized by low-consumption and high energy efficient. Due to the low waste heat generation of our battery charges, we are able to reduce operation noise, thanks to the absence of fan or moving part.


    Fanless battery charges for medium to high power.
    Designed to be low-consumption and high energy efficient.
    Lower waste heat than traditional battery charger.
    Designed to minimize noise disturbance.
    Optimized safety components for dedicated applications.
    Compact Size: 250x350x120 mm

Choose your Model:

2 KW 115/230V Single-phase

 Output VoltageOutput Current
BC-M-12V-150A12 V150 A
BC-M-24V-75A24 V75 A
BC-M-48V-40A48 V40 A
4 KW 400V Three-phase

 Output VoltageOutput Current
BC-T-48V-80A48 V80 A
BC-T-80V-50A80 V50 A
BC-T-96V-40A96 V40 A