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Elife-Drive MR Series is designed to drive medium to high power traction Motor. A wide range of programmable parameters allow you to customize your system for your needs.


    Four Quadrant Regenerative Operation
    Space Vector Modulation Technology
    Sinusoidal and Trapezoidal Commutation Methods
    Programmable Gain Setting
    Fully Configurable Velocity and Position Limits
    On-the-Fly Mode and Gain Set Switching
    Emergency Ramp and Safe Torque Off (STO) input

Elife-Drive MR Series is available in more configuration:

The main key features of Elife-Drive MR Series

  Designed to drive from 24 V to 96 V Brushless, Brushed and AC ServoMotors.
  The different types of feedback are supported: Absolute Resolver, SSI Absolute Encoder, SinCos Absolute Encoder, Hall Sensors, Incremental Encoder, Tachometer
  Advanced algorithms for predictive speed and torque control.
  Elife-Drive integrates a high performance controller with the latest generation of MOSFETs: high efficiency and low consumption.
   CANopen® communication protocol: CiA® DS301 – CiA® DSP402 (Interface Profile Velocity, Profile Position and Torque Profile Mode).
  Electromagnetic Holding Brake Output with DPR System (Dynamic Power Reduction)
  Telemetry of the Internal functions
  Integrated Fuse Holder (only up 80 V)
  European Conformity, and designed and tested in accordance with the EMC emission (EN 61000-6-4) and immunity (EN 61000-6-2) standards.
  Elife-Drive is compliant with EN 60950-1 safety requirements.

For further technical and commercial information don’t hesitate to contact us to request the detailed catalogue.

Choose your Model:

Drive TypeContinuous RMS Phase Current *Nominal Voltage Supply
(Operating Range)
Max. Available Power
pdf   M2424-5-Xup to 200 Arms24 V
(18 Vmin - 35 Vmax )
5 KW
pdf   M2424-8-Xup to 300 Arms24 V
(18 Vmin - 35 Vmax )
8 KW
pdf   M2424-10-Xup to 400 Arms24 V
(18 Vmin - 35 Vmax )
10 KW
pdf   M2436-5-Xup to 200 Arms36 V
(18 Vmin - 55 Vmax )
5 KW
pdf   M2436-8-Xup to 300 Arms36 V
(18 Vmin - 55 Vmax )
8 KW
pdf   M2436-10-Xup to 400 Arms36 V
(18 Vmin - 55 Vmax )
10 KW
pdf   M2436-14-Xup to 450 Arms36 V
(18 Vmin - 55 Vmax )
14 KW
pdf   M2448-5-Xup to 200 Arms48 V
(18 Vmin - 70 Vmax )
5 KW
pdf   M2448-8-Xup to 300 Arms48 V
(18 Vmin - 70 Vmax )
8 KW
pdf   M2448-10-Xup to 400 Arms48 V
(18 Vmin - 70 Vmax )
10 KW
pdf   M2448-16-Xup to 450 Arms48 V
(18 Vmin -70 Vmax )
16 KW
pdf   M4880-8-Xup to 300 Arms80 V
(28 Vmin - 120 Vmax )
8 KW
pdf   M4896-10-Xup to 200 Arms96 V
(43 Vmin - 150 Vmax )
10 KW
pdf   M4896-16-Xup to 300 Arms96 V
(43 Vmin - 150 Vmax )
16 KW
pdf   M4896-20-Xup to 400 Arms96 V
(43 Vmin - 150 Vmax )
20 KW

* The value of the maximum continuous (60 min) RMS phase current is ensured with an appropriate heat sink.


pdf  Brochure       pdf Application Reference Manual

Accessories and Tools for Elife-Drive:

dc_dc_icon  DC-DC Converters     diagnostic_display_icon  Diagnostic Display

Input/Output Connections:

    2  Programmable High Powered Digital Output
    1  Programmable 0÷10 V 12-bit Analog Output
    2  Programmable 0÷10 V 12-bit Analog Input
    8  Programmable Digital Inputs Single Ended
    5  Programmable Digital Outputs Single Ended

Haven’t found what you’re looking for yet ? Have a look at Elife-Drive S Series and Elife-Drive H Series for lower power model or at Elife-Drive P Series for higher power model. for any demand or technical questions.

  Further Technical Information


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