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is the family of drivers designed to drive the various types of low-voltage servomotors, specifically for use in battery powered devices.
A broad range of models enable us to satisfy every requirements and to suggest the best solution for your system.

The key features shared by all our motor controllers:

Choose your Elife-Drive family that best fit your needs:
 Continous RMS Phase Current*Nominal Voltage SupplyMax Available Power

Cost-Effective SLC Series
up to 70 Arms Nominal
up to 176 Arms Peak
from 12Vdc to 96Vdc
(from 10Vdc to 140Vdc)
up to 3.2 KW

SR Series
up to 600 Arms Nominalfrom 12Vdc to 96Vdc
(from 10Vdc to 150Vdc)
up to 56 KW
HR Series
up to 150 Arms Nominalfrom 12Vdc to 96Vdc
(from 10Vdc to 150Vdc)
up to 6 KW
MR Series
up to 400 Arms Nominalfrom 12Vdc to 96Vdc
(from 10Vdc to 150Vdc)
up to 40 KW

MP Series
up to 800 Arms Nominalfrom 12Vdc to 384Vdc
(from 10Vdc to 500Vdc)
up to 230 kW

MV Series
up to 250 Arms Nominalfrom 12Vdc to 768Vdc
(from 10Vdc to 900Vdc)
up to 190 kW
Continous RMS Phase Current*Nominal Voltage SupplyMax Available Power

* The value of the maximum continuous (60 min) RMS Nominal phase current is ensured with an appropriate heat sink.

   New product will be available soon

Elife-Drive S series will be soon available with all the information and details.

If you’re interested to have any further information about this series, and explain your needs.

Our staff is on hand to answer your queries about features and technical specifications.



Elife International S.r.l. is a Member of CiA® – CAN in Automation.

All our motor controller solutions are based on automotive electronics standards and CANbus network protocols.

Thanks to our motor controllers you can also control your motor using the following CANopen® communication protocols:

   CiA® DS301 Communication Profile.

   CiA® DSP402 in Profile Velocity mode

   CiA® DSP402 in Profile Position mode

   CiA® DSP402 in Torque Profile mode

Elife International S.r.l. has a long history in developing automatic and motor controllers based on CANopen® standards.

CiA® and CANopen® are registered trademarks



It’s not important which type of motor you’ve mounted on your system, Elife-Drive will be able to control it brilliantly, with the highest possible performance and accuracy.

Elife-Drive is capable to control Brushless, Brushed and AC ServoMotors, specially for use in battery powered vehicles.

Different types of feedback system are supported: Absolute Resolver, SSI Absolute Encoder, SinCos Absolute Encoder, Hall Sensors, Sensorless, Incremental Encoder, Tachometer.

Elife Internatonal S.r.l. is especially appreciated by the end customers for our motor controller solutions for Brushless Motor with Resolver.



Elife-Drive collects several types of telemetry data which allows you to understand better how your driver works:

   Speed and Acceleration Data

   Motor and System Information

   Monitoring Alarms

Real-time telemetry data are displayed in easy-to-read format. You can also look at variables over time, both in graphical form and as data files.

A wide range of programmable parameters enables you to customize vehicle’s performance characteristics to best fit your needs.

You can manage the different types of parameters like:

   Motor and Acceleration Parameters

   Operating Mode and Controller Parameters

   Throttle Parameters

   CANopen® Parameters

Many programmable parameters can be programmable by CANopen® protocol also.

Elife-Drive can operate in different operating modes, in order to make the best choice we need in every operating condition.