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Elife Absolute Position Transducers are designed in order to ensure maximum accuracy in position detection and for easy mounting in the motor housing.


    Absolute Position Encoder
    Stable in a Wide-Range of Operating Temperature
    Compatible with common magnets in use
    High Tolerance to mounting Gap
    SSI Communication
    Designed for easy mouintg in the motor housing
    Incremental ABZ Quadrature Encoder

Elife Transducers are designed for easy mounting in the motor housing

The main key features of our Elife Absolute Position Transducers:

  Differential Digital Communication to avoid that the position detection to be susceptible to interference.
  High Tolerance to mounting gap between the Elife-sensor and the Magnet: ±0.5mm respect to the Nominal Distance.
  Absolute Angle Position via SSI Communication: Angle Position Data is continuously updated at a frequency of 1 MHz.
  Stable – less than one degree of error – in a wide-range of Operating Temperature (from -40 to 125 °C)
   Precise Incremental ABZ Quadrature Encoder: Different resolutions available, up to 1024 pulses per revolution.
  PWM Output: Duty Cycle proportional to the Absolute Angle Position (Frequency: 1 KHz, Resolution: 14bit)
  Compatible with common magnets in use: from 40 to 60mT of magnetic field applied to the sensor.
  Available in different sizes – e.g: 20mm,30mm of diameter – to easy mounting in the motor housing.
  European Conformity and designed in accordance with the EMC emission (EN 61000-6-4) and immunity (EN 61000-6-2) standards.

For further technical and commercial information don’t hesitate to contact us to request the detailed catalogue.

Description of Elife Absolute Position Transducers:

GeneralDC Supply VoltageForm 4.5 to 45 V
Refresh Rate1 MHz
Magnetic Working RangeFrom 40 to 60 mT
Operating TemperatureFrom -40 to +125 °C
SSIData Lenght16 Bit
Effettive Resolution14 Bit
SSI Clockup to 25 MHz
Dead Time40 μs
Pulses per Revolutionup to 1024
ABZ Update Rate16 MHz
PWM Frequency1 KHz
PWM Resolution14 bit

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