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Elife Aligner allows to configure your motor feedback to a Precise Offset and thanks your visual interface makes the procedure more user-friendly.


    Visual Interface
    Simple Alignment Procedure
    Multi Feedback Support
    Panel Buttons
    Motor Inverter Inside
    Settable Nominal Voltage
    Industrial Design

Elife-Aligner is available in two configuration:

The main key features of Elife-Aligner Multi Feedback Support:

  Elife-Aligner allows to configure your motor feedback to a Precise Offset.
  Visual Interface for a Simple Alignment Procedure.
  Easy and robust connection thanks to its Plug Connector.
  Panel Buttons for a Fast Setup Procedure.
   Motor Inverter Inside to test your motor after alignment procedure.
  Emergency Button, each operation could safely be stopped.
  Only AC power needed ( 220-230V 50Hz, 110V 60Hz )
  Designed for Industrial-Line
  European Conformity and designed in accordance with the EMC emission (EN 61000-6-4) and immunity (EN 61000-6-2) standards.

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Choose your Model:

 Base VersionStandalone
Phase Current:
up to 50 Arms
up to 100 Arms
Multi Feedback Supports:    
Plug Connectors:    
Panel Buttons:    
Motor Inverter Inside:    
Visual Interface Inside:  
Remote Connection:  
Touch Screen:  

pdf   Technical Datasheet

Feedback Supports: ResolverSinCos Absolute EncoderSSI Absolute EncoderFa-Coder

Thanks to its plug feedback connector, the number of feedbacks supported will be constantly increased.