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DC-DC Converters For Vibration Environment

Elife DC-DC Converters are characterized by a high-stability over a wide input voltage range. This is achieved through an optimized electronic design, made using the highest performing components that today’s technology offers.


    Non-Isolated DC/DC Converters at High Efficiency
    A low output voltage ripple less than 20 mV
   Design for Battery System
    Vibration-absorbing inner lining that protects the case.
    A Wide Input Voltage Range.
    Over-temperature Protection
    Very compact size 100x65x28 mm, mounted on a metal plate.

Choose your Model:

TypeInput Voltage RangeOutput VoltageNominal Output PowerShort-Circuit ProtectionReverse-Polarity ProtectionOver-Voltage
pdf  DC-24V-6A-LFrom 18 to 36 V24 V150 W
pdf   DC-25V-6A-LFrom 18 to 36 V25 V150 W
pdf  DC-12V-14A-MFrom 28 to 80 V12 V120 W
pdf  DC-13.8V-14A-MFrom 28 to 80 V13.8 V140 W
pdf  DC-24V-14A-MFrom 28 to 80 V24 V250 W
pdf  DC-25V-14A-MFrom 28 to 80 V25 V250 W
pdf   DC-24V-14A-HMFrom 28 to 160 V24 V330 W
pdf   DC-13.8V-14A-HVFrom 28 to 160 V13.8 V200 W
pdf   DC-24V-14A-HVFrom 28 to 160 V24 V330 W
pdf  DC-25V-14A-HVFrom 28 to 160 V25 V330 W

In order to meet specific needs, you can also request a DC-DC converter with desired output voltage.